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Phil- guitar, vocals
Tim- bass, vocals
Ben- drums, vocals

From Phoenix, Arizona, they had a sound all their own, drawing influences from Carcass, At the Gates, ABC Diablo, Assuck, and Dystopia. All three members sing, and lyrics are both personal and political. The music is absolutely amazing, and can not be labeled or compared. They released one L.P. titled "Catharsis in Disharmony" on Catchphraze Records which is still available. They feature members of Misanthropic, Misled, Opposition and Contravene. Their brutal honesty will not be ignored. They had a large following and were amazing live. They have disbanned due to the tragic death of Phil. He will be sorely missed.

Sound Files - this will redirect you to the Catchphraze Sea of Deprivation site where the LP can be ordered as well.

Phil J. Hansford loved to laugh. He was an amazing friend, and an amazing musician. He left a legacy of his passion and expression from the bands Misanthropic, Contravene (he played second guitar during the recording of their LP and their 2000 west coast tour), and in Sea of Deprivation. No one that met Phil will ever forget him. He lives on in all of us from his warm smile and laughter to his music, and his words. We thank and love you Phil.
Phil J. Hansforth December 27th, 1977- November 17th, 2002.

Reviews of "Catharsis in Disharmony"-
"Wow. Incredibly heavy destroying dark hardcore which blends Black Sabbath like heavy sludgy hardcore with grindcore, death metal, and crust. Mix in nihilistic political lyrics and you've got one hell of a sound! I didn't know what to think of this to begin with but this is a surprise favorite this issue!" (-Mangelslakt #3)

"From the ashes of Misanthropic arises Sea of Deprivation. Agonizing vocals, thick guitars, brutal drums and political lyrics. This is one kick ass LP! If you liked Misanthropic, and other bands like Dystopia, then this is right up your dark alley! Nine songs and a Disrupt cover. My friends and I agree, Sea of Deprivation rock! (DD/Heart Attack #29)